Driver app helps you track your tasks till the delivery destination turn by turn. It allows your drivers to capture proof of delivery and send status updates to shippers in real-time. Driver account can be created from the backend. Drivers will receive the tasks (i.e pickup,delivery,return) from your operation portal. You also benefit from real-time status updates through the app, which assists you in keeping track of your delivery teams efficiency at all times. You can push notifications on the app when the order is assigned. It enables users to navigate to the customer location utilizing google maps and capture customer ID & signature for POD (Proof of delivery). Driver dashboard will enable the driver to track and improve the performance.



Having control over your operations crucial to any delivery company. Without visibility you could be shooting in air which could have drastic effects on your company. You may be incurring cost which are pointless. and not focusing on areas which are necessary. With Admin Dashboard from DispatchEx you can make smart decisions. Admin Dashboard provides you numbers that matters to your business. You can see collection, active customers, inactive customers. Invoices paid, unpaid driver performance, heat map for hot zones, COD pending, delivery Sucess Ratio, Daily Average Orders and lot more


Shipper | Traders Application

Our Unique Shipper app provide the unique experience which no other shipper app provide in market. Shippers Dashboard provides complete visibilty based on shipment status and in terms of monitory values. With Shipper Dashboard you can view in one screen how many shipments delivered, how many with driver and how many returned. Shipper can check how much COD pending and how much is paid. Accounts provide complete control over Cash flow.Every invoice generated is visible to shipper and he can download anytime. Shipper app provides push notification on every status update, which increase the customer satisfaction and decrease follow up procress. Tracking is provided out of the box .Shipper can track his order based on tracking as well his own reference no(order id)



When dealing with E-Commerce Shipers. They like to manage things from their own system from one. Our API integeration makes it possible to integerate with any e-commerce shippers. Shippers can upload orders, print labels, track and get real time updates direct in their system. Sometime companies have unqiue requirements related to integeration. Don't worry we got you covered for that as well.



Real-time tracking of all delivery personnel and vehicles, so that you can effectively manage your drivers and improve customer satisfaction. The drivers’ entire route throughout the day will be drawn onto the map and their GPS coordinates are logged every minute and stored for later review. First, the order is created through Shipper app/web, Shipper API or from Operations. After this, the order is assigned to the driver with the amount of COD that needs to be collected. The driver then delivers the order and collects the COD.Following this step, the driver pays the COD to the delivery company cashier/accountant who will then reconsile and transfer the COD to the Shipper. You can View the location of driver any time, also assign pickup request based on his current location



Dispatchex provides you complete automated solution to manage your Client’s COD from one window operations. Settling finance for client is made very easy with Dispatchex Invoicing feature. It enables accountant to maintain each client’s pending balance and print COD report for settlement on daily basis. You can track the COD value of each order/parcel from placing order until it gets delivered. Driver on the route delivers the parcel, collect the payment/cash from the customer and update order status from mobile application. Then following process driver submit the cash to company cashier who will then transfer the COD to the Client.



Dispatchex order dashboard brings all your orders at one place to track and monitor. After placing the order details in system, all the orders are appeared on dashboard which makes operations very easy to manage, also quick dispatch and increase delivery in first attempt. Order history on dashboard make it easy for operations to follow up for any order easily and effectively to improve delivery percentage. It also allows operations to filter the orders between multiple cities, areas or zones, by clients, by driver and a lot more.



DispatchEx makes the process of sorting and assigning the tasks to drivers very convenient. Upon assigning the tasks they are visible on driver app in real-time, after that you can print Run Sheet by driver, Area and Cities. DispatchEx enable Route planing and route optimization for speady and efficient deliveries.



Post Covd-19 things have changed. we want to save costs and keep our expenses in check. And 3PL is a great option if you want to scale your business without spending too much on infrastructure. 3PL means lesser operational expense, less burden on business,efficiency in operation and adaptability. 3PL provides 6 key benefits which are Cost Savings,get access to expertise and experience of third party, focus on Competencies, gain flexibility and scalability,enable business growth and market expansion and improve Customer Satisfaction. With DispatchEx you can integerate with any third party and get aggregated updated at once place.

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